Embroidery Software Training (EST) Video Collection

Embroidery Software Training (EST) Video Collection

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The EST Video Collection WILL teach you digitize in the Creat module of Premier+™.

Purchase of the Video Collection gives you Download access to the Platinum Membership video content from August 2017 through August 2018 - just as if you had been a Platinum Member since the program started in August 2017! I created the content using the Premier+ Ultra Embroidery System in the first year of the Membership program. The videos contain only my voice and screensharing of the Premier+™ Create module running on my computer.

Price for the full year: $400. I will send links to download after payment is confirmed.

Note: After purchase, I will contact you with details on how to download the recordings in the Collection using secure links.

  • The video collection provides crucial instruction on the use of the ExpressDesign Wizard, and image preparation to submit designs to the Wizard. 
  • You will learn the use of all tools on the tabs in the Create module!
  • It also includes the basics of creating vector images from raster images and photographs brought into the module! 
  • You will learn to go beyond the automated digitizing of the Wizard, and to complete an embroidery design using the tools in the Create module of Premier+: QuickCreate, Freehand Create, and the Precise Create tabs.
  • You will learn the entire Create module in Premier+™!