1. DIGITIZING With the Create Module

1. DIGITIZING With the Create Module

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The Digitizing course with the Create module started on September 15, 2020. 
NEW course will start in January 2021



NOTE: You should already own either Premier+™ 2 or the original Premier+™ version of the software to take this course.

How: 10 weekly sessions in a recorded webinar setting.

  • If you cannot attend a session, NO problem – it will be recorded, for you to download.

Session 1: First we will cover the Configure module in its entirety.

We will follow the CREATE Module Guide, completely:

The CREATE module Reference Guide Index:

Session 2: How to get started – Where things are, and how to get Help.

Session 3: Open, Save, Insert, and Export embroideries. Viewing embroideries: All the ways to do this: 3D and 2D; zoom, Overview, grid, backgrounds, design info, design player, life view.

Session 4: Creating design elements: The tools in QuickCreate, Freehand, and Precise Create; fill areas and properties; column, object, and global properties; changing properties for objects; changing stitch types, and changing design size (limitations)

Session 5: The ExpressDesign Wizard (all 7 radio buttons); the elements in each option; images, options, colors, backgrounds.

Session 6: Drawings (vectors): Managing, creating, and editing; the vector creation tools available in the Draw window; filmstrip, paths, encore, multiply, cut, copy, paste, undo/redo; flood fills, lines, mirror; minipics.

Session 7: Motifs, machine stitches, and stamps.

Session 8: Creating fills and lines; precise create, Freehand, and QuickCreate methods; editing fills and lines; holes; using lines (types, running/double/triple stitches; double, double zigzag, triple, satin line, motif line). EDITING these!

Session 9: Applique and colors; using commands (stops, alignment stitches; single stitch).

Session 10: Fill areas; satin areas; satin columns (column, satin, feathered satin, Richelieu Bars, tapered Motifs, creating columns) – EDITING these!


  • I will give assignments in each session.
  • You work them out using the recorded video for the session.
  • Send me email or PM if you get stuck with an assignment.
  • If you cannot attend a session, NO problem – it will be recorded, for you to download.