BASICS Course with the Embroidery Module

BASICS Course with the Embroidery Module

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New BASICS Course with the Embroidery module starts Tuesday, JULY 9, 2019 AT 1-3PM CENTRAL


How: 10 weekly sessions in a recorded webinar setting.

  • Session 1: First we will cover the Configure module in its entirety

We will follow the Embroidery Module Guide to the “T”:

Embroidery module Reference Guide Index:

Session 2: How to get started – Where things are, and how to get Help

Session 3: The design creation process: The ExpressDesign Wizard; what IS a design?; using existing designs; images; optimizing images for the Wizard in QuickCreate, Freehand, and Precise Create; backgrounds

Session 4: Changing design colors: Thread colors, colortone, quick colors and color themes, quick color themes, and colors dialog box

Session 5: Modifying embroideries in the Modify tab

Session 6: The Wizards, Part 1: ExpressDesign Wizard (3 parts!)

Session 7: The Wizards, Part 2: Quilt Block, Split Project, PhotoStitch

Session 8: The Wizards, Part 3: Project-in-the-Hoop, Express Monogram

Session 9: Lettering, QuickFont, SuperDesigns

Session 10: Frames, Borders, Motifs


  • I will give assignments in each session.
  • You work them out using the recorded video for the session.