PLATINUM Membership



What does the Membership entail?

Special topics every month, only for Platinum Members! The format includes video recordings, and webinars using the ZOOM video conference platform.

BENEFITS: Members can download all videos created for this Membership!

The entire prior video collection for the Platinum Membership is also available for separate purchase.

Platinum Membership in Embroidery Software Training means the following:

  • By becoming a Member, you will automatically be entitled to several benefits.
  • The Platinum Membership benefits include Streaming and Download of videos I create exclusively for Members.
  • Members can also attend special webinars scheduled for Platinum Members only.
  • The special webinars are included in the price of the Membership.
  • Members will never be incur an additional fee above the regular Membership fee, unless specified by Al Navas as a special event.
  • As long as a Membership is maintained, the videos will be available during the entire life of the Membership, to stream and to download!
  • Cancellation of Membership, and joining at a later date, results in all content in between not being available as part of the renewed Membership. Membership benefits start on the date of re-joining.