When an Appliqué Design Goes Wrong and Whacky!

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Hatti Hen in the hoop

I recently swapped tables in my embroidery work area in the studio and I left the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) behind the Designer Diamond embroidery machine.

Everything worked perfectly with the stitchout of Henni Hen's comb. But when the feet and the beak's stitchout arrived, things were way off! I could only scratch my head when the beak Fill Area and the comb appliqué were in a crazy spot! 

It was time to find out what caused this problem.

What Happened?

I spent about 30 minutes troubleshooting the problem. I must admit that in troubleshooting I went through the calibration of the embroidery arm 3 times, and each time the calibration was perfect. But something was causing the calibration to go off significantly and moving the hoop toward me.

I finally caught a glimpse of what was going on by changing the angle of observation as the stitchout took place.

Then I saw it!

I saw the hoop hit the UPS and I noticed that at this point the bottom foot in the stitchout was off.

The Solution

I moved the embroidery machine and the embroidery arm near the front lip of the table and stitched out the comb, feet, and beak once again. This time the stitchout was perfect.

Whew! HOW could I have explained to my dear wife I had damaged the embroidery arm and who knows what else on the Designer Diamond?

Before doing anything else I moved the UPS onto a little footstool on the floor, to avoid having it on the table I dedicate to the embroidery machine. Everything from here on was fine.

Have YOU Ever Done Anything Similar?

Let me know in the Comments section below if you have done something that caused the hoop alignment to go off, and what you did about it. Did you incur any expense to "fix" the embroidery arm or to align the mechanism?

— Al

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  • I did something simular but the arm was hitting the wall behind my table.


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