What I've Tried With the Resurrected and Downloadable File Manager (WinFile)


In the tech news recently it was reported by mspoweruser.com that 

Microsoft has now released Windows File Manager (WinFile) as a desktop app in Microsoft Store. The File manager app was originally released along with Windows 3.0 in the early 1990s. It was the first GUI-based file manager from Microsoft and it was succeeded by Windows Explorer in the latest Windows versions...

Last year (my edit: 2019), Microsoft released improved binaries of this app that can be used in Windows 10 and the source code of it in GitHub. This updated app now comes with following improvements over the original File Manager app...

It got the best of me, and I tried it!

Yup! I could not wait any longer to try this. I remember fondly the days in the early 1990s when I used and depended on File Manager. The look-and-feel is almost identical, which betrays the improvements under the hood. It even appears to work with the PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery Ultra Suite's Explorer Plugin! How did I determine this? I explain.

  1. I downloaded the new version of the WinFile (File Manager).
  2. Then I created a System Restore Point in case things went wrong, as has been the recent experience with Windows 10 version 1809 updates.
  3. Installed File Manager on an older laptop running Widows 10 version 1809 with several embroidery programs: PREMIER+™ 2 (most recent version, PREMIER+™, 6D Premier, and 5D Professional with the latest version of the Explorer Plugin.
  4. Following the installation I launched the downloadable File Explorer, navigated to the Samples | Create | Stitch folder of PREMIER+™ 2, and got the Properties dialog box for one of the folders (see images below).
  5. It is striking to see the old file explorer tree structure next to the Properties dialog box of the most recent version of the Embroidery tab we can see with the power of the Explorer Plugin!

What have I learned?

Although my limited tests prove nothing related to the compatibility of the downloadable version of the old-new File Explorer, I can provide the results of my limited tests:

  • Installing the new version of the File Manager (downloadable version) worked without causing any problems. 
  • I must conduct more extensive tests to determine if the laptop is as stable now as it was before installing the old/new File Manager.
  • The Explorer Plugin appears to be working perfectly! But it is striking to see the early 1990s directory structure right next to the Embroidery tab provided by the Explorer Plugin.
  • I will leave the new WinFile installed, and will report later on any follow-up issues if I run into anything that might appear like trouble under Windows 10 version 1809.

My recommendations to fellow PREMIER+™ 2 enthusiasts

I submitted a Ticked to the Viking Software Support group requesting they ask the Developers to test the compatibility of the new File Explorer with the Explorer Plugin we love.

I also suggested recently to wait until we hear back from Software Support about compatibility issues (if any), to ensure we can continue to use the Explorer Plugin with our amazing software, PREMIER+™ 2 even in the presence of WinFile.

Please stand by for my updates!

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Windows File Explorer reborn!

The Windows File Manager (WinFile) reborn! 

The resurrected WinFile File Manager!

WinFile as brought back by Microsoft



Standard File Explorer in Windows 10

 The modern File Explorer in Windows 10.

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