[Webinar] Get a Handle Organizing YOUR Embroidery Designs


Why organize?

Organization of embroidery designs will help us find them quickly in the future while avoiding frustration - for new embroidery enthusiasts and also experienced users. In this webinar, we had an open discussion where several useful ideas surfaced!

Backup options I use

I've been using one 2TB and one 3TB external disk drives. These are mechanical drives that have spinning platters. They can be damaged in dropped.
During the webinar, I mentioned an ultra-fast large capacity solid state drive (SSD) I just ordered for backup. You will find it on Amazon via my affiliate link. The price increased Wednesday night. I just checked and it is still available for $99 plus tax (it was only $99 just yesterday). While it is only 500GB, it is an extremely fast system with huge capacity - and highly portable, too. But it is claimed that it will sustain a 2-meter drop.
Part of my strategy to keep data safe when transferring files involves the use of large capacity removable memory cards, too. I also recently bought a microSD card reader that plugs into a USB port. It replaces the regular flat adaptor that has been around for a long time. And I bought the companion 64GB (!!!) memory card. Both have been on sale recently.

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