Test of an Appliqué Design Using Fabric Pieces Cut on an Electronic Cutter

Why Test Your Digitizing?

I hope what I show on this video will help others struggling to digitize purchased machine appliqué embroidery designs.

But you must first get permission to digitize from the Copyright Owner. The permission specifically and in writing allowed me to digitize the Hen House hens, rooster, fox, flowers, and hen houses included in the PDF files in the zipped archive. In other words, I was allowed to digitize all the images in the zipped archive.

NOTE: The video is running at 5X normal speed. Why test? I tested to ensure that digitizing of the appliqué pieces was done correctly!

Please let me know in the Comments what you know about the digitizing process using PDF files. I love that we can extract the images and then digitize them in our amazing PREMIER+™ 2 embroidery software!

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