[NEW VIDEO] Making the CAMEO Cutting Mat Sticky Again

 I love doing appliqué embroidery work. And I now cut all appliqué pieces on the CAMEO 2 electronic cutter. One of the issues that can develop when using electronic cutters is that the fabric is not cut properly, due to the movement of fabric on the cutting mat.

The reason the fabric starts moving on the mat when cutting is that the "sticky factor" of the cutting mat diminishes with each fabric placed on the same area. In fact, it only takes 4 or 5 cuts on the same mat area to reduce the "sticky factor" to just about nil - in other words, the fabric does not stick to the mat as well as it should.

To restore the mat we must:

  1. Clean it thoroughly with soapy water with light scrubbing to remove surface debris, and
  2. When the mat has dried thoroughly we must apply a coating of a temporary spray adhesive such as my favorite, Odif USA Spray and Fix Temporary Fabric Adhesive. Please click on this previous link to purchase from Amazon.

I normally allow the newly applied 505 adhesive to dry overnight before use. Then it's ready to go back into action on the CAMEO cutter!

Please share in the Comments section below your favorite way of restoring cutting mats for your electronic cutter. Thanks.

— Al

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