[NEW] More On Copyright Of Machine Embroidery Designs

Many times we are reluctant to contact companies that sell machine embroidery designs to ask about their Copyright rules. This includes requesting information that might affect whether we can modify or not modify the embroidery designs we purchase from them.

I decided to contacted Anita Goodesign to request their position on Copyright of designs of a set of camper machine embroidery designs. My dear wife wanted to make some changes to a design, but I'm ever reluctant unless I fully understand the implications of doing so. I contacted Anita Goodesign  — their reply was clear and concise:

From Anita Goodesign:
Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. You are certainly allowed make any changes you would like to. We just ask that you not alter the design and advertise it as your own or make copies of the original design and sell them.

This was welcome news, as the purchased designs were strictly for personal use as a gift item (a mug rug)!

I show the original design below on the right, along with the stitched out design modified to my wife's specification on the left:

Staying true to the original design was important. As a result, I removed only the light pole and changed the blanket stitch to satin border lines to give a more finished look.

In this case, the single most important thing was learning from Anita Goodesign that it IS fine to make modifications to the embroidery designs they sell for download, as long as I do not sell them as my own. I believe that is a very reasonable request!

—  Al

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