Do NOT Install the New Downloadable File Explorer YET!

Installing Might Break the Win10 Explorer Plugin of PREMIER+™ 2

Microsoft just made available a downloadable version of File Explorer. It installs as a free-standing app in Windows 10.

The Explorer Plugin gives us amazing power when using our PREMIER+™ 2 embroidery software. It is installed under File Explorer and makes it possible to see thumbnails of embroidery designs, and full design information in the Properties dialog box for a design.

But it does much more, too. We can search for designs based on:

  • Number of colors
  • Design size
  • Hope sizes and range of sizes

This is amazing:

We can also see additional information on am embroidery design in the Properties dialog box of the design without the need to open the design in the software!

I await feedback from Software Support

The news downloadable File Explorer is a completely new version, redesigned from the ground up to be a free-standing app. Since this version includes new programming under the hood, it might render the Explorer Plugin useless.

At this point, I'd rather be safe, until Husqvarna Viking Software Support receives feedback from the Developers of PREMIER+™ 2.

Please watch this space for a follow-up post on this issue. Thanks!

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