Confimation: We Are Safe To Use The "New" Resurrected Windows 3 File Manager

The resurrected File Manager first appeared in the early 1990s in Windows 3. This is what the new File Manager version looks like - not very apparent: it has much-improved functionality compared to the original 1990s version:

My initial reaction was that this version would interfere with the operation of the Explorer Plugin in our PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery Software.


As a result, I contacted the PREMIER+™ 2 Support group and asked them to contact the Developers, to make sure we avoided interference in the event we wanted to install and test drive the improved File Manager. The response was great news:

I talked with the developers about this...they agreed that this just appears to be a novelty standalone utility for browsing the files and folders on the computer using the old Windows 3.0 interface, and not any kind of "replacement" for the Windows (File) Explorer. [Note: Emphasis is my own — Al]

Whew! There is NO need to worry about the resurrected File Manager of the early 1990s Windows 3 interfering with the amazing PREMIER+™ 2 Explorer Plugin!

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