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Premier+™ 2 Courses:
(a) BASICS (Embroidery module)
(b) Digitizing (Create module)
(c) 6D Digitizing (Design Creator mod.)
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You have tried everything: 3-day workshops, studying on your own, getting advice and help from fellow embroidery enthusiasts. Nothing worked! You've come to the right place, to learn the Basics, and to learn to digitize with Premier+/2, and with 6D!

Credits:The stitchout of the vintage car in the background provided by Roberta P. She digitized the design after only 3 hours of my Create course; she created a vector image from a photograph!

Learn the Basics in the Embroidery module.
Learn to digitize in the Create module!
Two separate courses.

Courses in Small Groups, less that 20 people:

  • Learn and master the Premier+™ 2 Embroidery module in the Basics course
  • In the Digitizing course, learn the ins and outs of the Create module.

Reasonable cost:
No travel. No hotels. No rental cars. No expensive meals out. Learn in the comfort of your own home, in a recorded webinar setting. Keep the session recordings for review at your own pace! The training includes assignments.

Stay in the comfort of your home.

I teach the Basics of the Premier+™ 2 Embroidery Ultra module in small groups; and I teach the Create module. Former students learned to digitize in a few hours. You can too, in your own comfort zone. 

You Learn Premier+™ 2 in 3 Ways:

Attend the online sessions

We will meet weekly in small groups, up to 20 participants in each of 10 sessions. In each session I present for 90 minutes, and we have open Q&A for 30 minutes.

Write down your own notes

Taking notes is important during the sessions. And while watching the recordings at home, you work on the assignments I give to practice what I presented.

Download/keep the recordings

Because I provide recordings of each session to download and keep, you can follow the entire session in replay, learning and taking additional notes. Great learning!

Here's how YOU can apply this to leaning Premier+™ 2 in just 3 steps:


Attend 10 online sessions

Every week you will receive an email with a link to join the webinar. Mark your calendar with the date and time.


Join the webinar at the scheduled time.

You will learn techniques using real Premier+™ 2 examples, via screen-sharing technology. You will have ample opportinity to listen, take notes, and ask questions, to make sure you understand and grasp the content!


Download the session  recordings!

After each session, I send a link to download the recording. Download, and watch the entire session while taking (more) notes. Then practice the techniques presented. It is the perfect way to learn by doing!


Student participant stories:

R.P. - Long-time user of Viking software

"Al, I've spent a small fortune trying to learn to digitize. But now I can...With your course!"

P.Z. - Long-time user of Viking software

"Al, you're simply the BEST teacher I've ever had..."

Reserve Your Seat For A Course Today

Couldn't be any easier. Set aside time in your busy schedule to do what you've always wanted to do: Learn the Premier+™ 2 Embroidery Suite to the best of your ability! I will be teaching in small groups. Two courses. Basics, and Digitizing. Please pick one, and do the BEST you can to master it!

Another Reason To Enroll In A Course

In the Basics Course (the Embroidery module) you will learn Lettering, adding multiple designs to a hoop, stitchout sequence, properties of embroidery designs, searching for designs across your computer, specifying search parameters, how to set up the program for optimum operation...everything in the Embroidery Ultra module!

In the Digitizing Course (the Create module) you will learn to manipulate images to submit to the ExpressDesign Wizard for best results; and when the Wizard finishes, you will learn how to optimize the design, to suit your personal preferences. 

You will learn the tools in the QuickCreate, Freehand Create, and the Precise Create tabs, and all the tools in the module!

You Keep The Session Recordings

This is the best way to protect your investment. The recordings allow you to review the entire session, and confirm you are learning the techniques to the best of your ability.

It is repetition of the steps in specific techniques that will help you develop the memory to execute the steps required to create a design!

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